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At the Law Office of Roman Kuzmin, our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and counseling to clients throughout New York. We offer extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of Business Law, Elder Law, Probate & Estate Administration, Real Estate Law and Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning.

When faced with a legal question, choosing the right business or real estate law firm is a critical first step in resolving the issue. By choosing the Law Office of Roman Kuzmin, you are choosing a firm that:

Corporate Attorney Brooklyn
  • Provides individualized service that gives its clients confidence and peace of mind
  • Possesses vast experience and resources that enables it to handle your legal needs in a professional manner with efficiency, clarity, and resolve
  • Charges reasonable and straight-forward prices for the legal services rendered

Individuals and business entities have placed their trust with The Law Office of Roman Kuzmin for one simple reason: they know that they will be represented by highly skilled and dedicated attorneys who provide a level of sophistication and value that is unmatched.

Buy or Sell a Business

Are you buying or selling a business? Why spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on a business and not pay a little extra to ensure that you legally own your business? Alternatively, if you are to receive hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, why not pay a little bit out of those proceeds to ensure that the sale goes smoothly and that you will not be sued in the future? Let our attorneys handle all the legal aspects of buying or selling your company. The information below details (1) our pricing and (2) the services we provide

(1) PRICING – Our price is very reasonable and is structured as follows:

Purchase PriceLegal Fee*
$1 – $100,000$850
$100,001 – $200,000$1,000
$200,001 – $500,000$1,500
$500,001 – $1,000,000$2,500

* The legal fee quoted is a basic fee for most business purchases and sales. However, if in our opinion, the transaction will require much more time than is customary in a typical transaction, a higher price will be quoted.

(2) SERVICES – Roman Kuzmin provides the following services for the above mentioned fee:


  • Reviewing & negotiating the Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Explaining the Purchase & Sale Agreement to the buyer
  • Conducting due diligence to ensure that the Company is legally registered and will not be violating any leases or contracts upon the transfer of ownership
  • Ordering a lien & judgment search to determine that there are no liens, judgments or tax liens against the company or the seller
  • Corresponding with the seller’s attorney & other parties
  • Preparing & reviewing all legal documents for the closing
  • Representing the buyer at closing


  • Preparation & negotiation of the Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Explaning the Purchase & Sale Agreement to the seller
  • Corresponding with the buyer’s attorney & other parties
  • Preparing & reviewing all legal documents for the closing
  • Escrowing of funds
  • Representing the seller at closing

If you are the buyer, you face the following risks if you do not retain an attorney:

  • Business may not be legally registered
  • Business is or may be in violation of state or federal laws, in breach of existing contracts and may be in breach of its existing leases if the transfer is not properly conducted
  • Seller or the business may have liens or judgments that might be your responsibility upon the transfer of the business
  • Seller might be past due on taxes and the obligation to pay might fall on you

If you are the seller, you face the following risks if you do not retain an attorney:

  • Documents that you sign may put an obligation on you to be responsible for the business in the future, even if you will no longer be running the business or deriving a profit from it
  • If you have a lease, you probably made a personal guarantee. If the buyer stops paying rent in the future, you will still be personally liable
  • An arrangement for the buyer to pay in installments may not go as planned. How will you be protected if the buyer stops paying?
  • The buyer’s attorney will want you to prepare certain legal documents for the transfer. Are you able to prepare them without an attorney?

Shareholder/Partnership Documents

Do you own your business with a partner? What happens if you and your partner cannot agree on a major business decision? Chances are you will end up in court and have to spend thousands of dollars on attorneys’ fees; not to mention that your business will suffer.

To help prevent any potential dispute, make sure you are protected with a proper agreement. Roman Kuzmin can help you prepare a top notch agreement that will protect your rights and list your partner’s obligations. Below are the documents that help govern the relationship with your partner(s).

Agreement Legal Fee*
CORPORATION: Bylaws & Shareholders Agreement:$500*
LLC: Membership Agreement:$500*
PARTNERSHIP & LLP: Partnership Agreement:$500*

Most agreements can be prepared for $500. However, if the terms requested are extremely complex or if the negotiations are expected to take much longer than customary, a higher price may be quoted. On the other hand, if you use our services to buy your business, invest in a business, or to open a business, we can reduce our price for preparing any of the above agreements to $250, unless the agreements are anticipated to be extremely complex or negotiations are expected to take much longer than customary.

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