Family Law

Dealing with separation is not easy, even when both you and your spouse are on the same page. Not only are there emotional barriers, but documentation is also required in order to officially divorceRoman Kuzmin understands that this is a very difficult and stressful time, but he knows that having an attorney you can trust and rely on will make the process easier for you. He is well aware of the difficulties you may be facing financially or personally when dealing with a family law issue, but he will dedicate himself to work with you to achieve your goals.

Divorce Attorney Brooklyn


Roman Kuzmin will have an approach to your case based on your needs. He understands that every situation is different, and he is willing to ensure that you are satisfied. Whether you are looking to legally separate or divorce, he will work alongside you with utmost care. Roman will walk you through each step of the process and answer any questions or concerns that arise throughout it.

Family Law Attorney Brooklyn NY

Child Custody

The topic of Child Custody is one that is very sensitive and Roman Kuzmin understands the decisions you make will significantly impact the children. As he works with you, this is kept in mind: the best interests of a child is always upheld. This area of law is one which requires knowledge, caring, and understanding—all of which Roman Kuzmin possesses. He will work hard to come out with favorable outcomes for his clients while also remaining focused on the needs of your child. This will always be the number one priority.

Child custody can have several different forms including sole legal and physical custody, joint legal and sole physical custody, joint legal and physical custody, or sole legal custody and shared physical custody.

Domestic Violence

Roman Kuzmin understands the many factors that play into domestic violence. He is committed to evaluate your situation and come up with the ideal plan. Roman possesses a wide range of experience when helping people obtain temporary restraining orders.

A judge will decide if the TRO will become a permanent restraining order, or whether it will need to be extended or dropped. Provisions included by Temporary Restraining Orders include a continued requirement for the other person to meet financial obligations, give you exclusive access to your home, as well as force the other person to remain outside of a certain distance from you or your children.

Child Support

Child support takes many things into consideration, which Roman Kuzmin carefully looks over before giving a realistic estimate to his clients. Support can either be temporary or permanent depending on the situation and other factors that play a role.

The terms of the support can also be enforced or modified depending on the circumstances of each party. Situations may arise which will require you to ask for assistance of the court for child or spousal support, but Roman Kuzmin will work closely with you to ensure that your objectives are met, and that you are properly represented.

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