Real Estate Litigation

One aspect of real estate that is not commonly touched on is litigation. Truth is, litigation takes place in many areas of real estate. Roman Kuzmin is well-versed in this area of Real Estate and working with him will greatly benefit you.

Many disputes arise when dealing with real estate, and for an inexperienced buyer or seller, it can come as a big blow. Litigation can arise when purchase or sale agreements take place. Property owners experience disputes regularly when tenants fail to pay rent, make repairs, or restorations.

Agreement Business

Maintenance is often a cause of disputes in multi-unit properties. Other common issues include noise/nuisances or unfair financing agreements. Roman Kuzmin works to resolve these disputes in ways that benefit his clients. While he aims to use negotiation or other methods to resolve disputes, he is willing to take on litigation for your situation.

Buyer-Seller Disputes

Buying and selling real estate is a high stakes activity—for both parties. Legal disputes have the ability to erase the entire transaction and without proper help, the contract may become null and void. Roman Kuzmin is well aware of and deals with conflicts such as this on a regular basis. Whether it is an issue with the property title, or an inability to make certain disclosures, Roman Kuzmin will make sure that you are taken care of. He will create an individualized plan for you in order to maintain your financial and legal interests.


The laws concerning landlords and tenants are becoming more confusing with each passing day and when litigation occurs, the risks are incredibly high. Regardless of whether you are a renter or an owner, you will need a well-experienced attorney to ensure that your interests are kept safe. Roman Kuzmin will offer specialized and effective strategies in order to resolve your issue. Whether these issues are habitability, rent control, or evictions, he will work with you to create a positive outcome.


Disputes between commercial landlords and their tenants are very common. Real estate is a limited commodity at an expensive price, so the stakes are high. Roman Kuzmin will remain ahead of the other side and will use his knowledge to keep your best interests advanced and protected. Whether there is a breach of contract or property damage, he will serve you in the quickest fashion. Through negotiation and other strategies, Roman Kuzmin will ensure that your disputes will be resolved.

Roman will also help inform you of your rights as either an owner or a tenant. He is committed to bringing the best results for you. He understands that both your financial and legal interests are at stake and will fight tooth and nail to ensure that they are protected. You are encouraged to discuss your matter with an attorney as quickly as possible when a dispute arises as each side will battle to maintain the advantage. Call or Email Roman Kuzmin today in order to begin working towards a resolution that benefits you.

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