Probate and Estate Administration

Your assets are an important part of what makes you up. When a person passes away these assets will become the “estate.”  Putting someone in charge of these assets is an important part of ones legacy.  Without an experienced attorney, the process of probate may seem confusing and complex.

While it is likely that the process may take a few months to complete, Roman Kuzmin will guide you throughout the way to ensure that your interests are protected.  The process can be overwhelming, especially if the deceased was in possession of multiple assets, properties, or businesses. Roman Kuzmin will make sure that the process is thoroughly attended to meet the interests of the heirs who will be inheriting the estate.

Brooklyn Probate Lawyer

What This Service Entails

Probate is a supervised process, with varying cases based on the circumstances. A notice of the probate hearing will be mailed out to any heirs or beneficiaries within the will. Creditors will also be notified through the local newspaper. The hearing will occur weeks after filing the petition and will determine whether or not the will is valid, as well as decide who will manage the assets and pay the debts. Roman Kuzmin will work with you to ensure that all necessary actions are taken, and nothing is forgotten.

Judging how much a business or real estate property is worth is not the job for an amateur. Consult with Roman Kuzmin today to ensure that you will get exactly how much the estate is worth. He will be responsible for being your representative throughout the probate process.

Although rare, occasionally disputes arise, and wills are challenged. In this case, it is important to immediately seek legal help to ensure that the estate will not deteriorate in value. Roman Kuzmin will quickly address any issues and will assist in reaching a beneficial conclusion. It is better to seek out help than to take on litigation by yourself and allow your estate to lose value. It is extremely important to understand the process before beginning a will contest, and Roman Kuzmin will work hard to ensure that you understand completely what you are doing throughout each step.

Working with Us is to Your Advantage

It is not only an expensive procedure but also one that is incredibly emotionally intensive. Before pursuing further be sure to have both the finances and willpower. It is a long process including hearings, bills, and dispositions. Working with Roman Kuzmin puts you at an advantage as he is an experienced attorney who has only your best wishes in mind. He will stick with you throughout the cause and will fight tooth and nail to make sure you come out on top. Although the process is lengthy and stressful, working with Roman will make the burden a lot lighter on you.

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