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Long gone are the days of constantly struggling to find a reliable attorney. With the array of attorneys to choose from, you may ask yourself what sets Roman apart. No more stress, no more hassle, no more worries! Below are reasons why Roman Kuzmin should be your attorney today.


Roman Kuzmin is an expert in his areas of law. He has put countless hours into meticulously learning the details of any relevant laws that are useful to all of your Real Estate, Family, Business, and Estate Planning related concerns.

New York Supreme Court

He Cares for You

Roman Kuzmin will look over your matter in 24 hours (or less if needed). You will always receive direct help from Roman Kuzmin, not a paralegal—you would not want it any other way and neither would Roman!

Easy to Reach

  • You are always able to email Roman Kuzmin, and he will always be available via cell phone
  • Guaranteed quick and simple replies to any questions, comments, or concerns you may have
  • Roman Kuzmin offers his personal knowledge, providing professional and accurate legal information and opinion

Large Banks

Roman Kuzmin has represented large banks that have faith in his abilities and knowledge, meaning your legal matter will be properly backed and in good hands.

Easy Access to Your File

Easily check on your file at a convenient time of the week. Never again will you have to wait on another person’s schedule. Access your matters at a convenient time because, to Roman Kuzmin, your time matters.

With the Times

Unlike many of his competitors, Roman Kuzmin has the knowledge to stay ahead of the game. He possesses all the technology required in order to excel in today’s tech-driven world. This allows Roman to assist you with any issues you may face, whether in the office or not. He remains up-to-date with electronic means of communication—allowing for all emails, calls, or voicemails to instantly reach his cell phone. All information is kept secure, yet accessible in a safe server, as well as backed up at a different location.

Your Transactional and Litigation Attorney. Always Ready to Help.

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